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The 20 Hour CEO


If your business can't operate without you 90% of the time, you don't have a business - you just have a job.


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Christine Carrillo

Built 3 businesses to $200M in revenue. Entrepreneur, CEO Coach


Build a Machine That Scales

Your job as the CEO is to Build The Machine.

It's not to:

- Be an assistant

- Build the product

- Sell the service

- Be the business

When working on the wrong things you become the biggest risk to your business.

In this 5-week course, you'll go from "doing" to "being" CEO.

Who is this course for?

You're a CEO or founder who wants to run and grow your business with less effort.

You execute like a beast, but know that to scale your business, you need to learn to scale yourself.

You want to run your business, but lately it feels like it's running you.


Master the frameworks to scale yourself and your business

Unleash Your Secret Weapon: An EA

Learn how to work with an executive assistant to create leverage in both your business and personal life. Without breaking the bank.

Create Systems That Run Your Business For You

Develop a framework to easily create systems for anything you or your team do more than two times.

Recapture 20 Hour a Week

Leveraging simple delegation and automation frameworks, you'll be able to free up time and protect your mental capacity.

Ruthlessly Focus On The 10% That Matters

Identify where the highest value and use of your time is within your business to build a scalable, predictable machine.

Make Faster, High-Quality Decisions

Develop a decision-making framework that takes the emotional burden and over-analyzing out of making decisions.

See what people are saying

Ross Simmonds

CEO at Foundation

The 20 Hour CEO was an amazing experience. It armed me with the insights, tools and resources I needed to make a great hire as it relates to an EA. But more than anything.. It gave me the ability to create a system that allowed my EA to thrive. I had read all the books, all the blog posts and listened to all the podcasts but it was The 20 Hour CEO that changed everything. 

Tim Harms

CEO at Enliven

Fantastic course. In a short amount of time, Christine not only coached through the mindset shifts and the behavior changes required... but also provided very practical tools to help get you there. I found the combination of "why", "what", and "how" in such a compact package to be very, very helpful. Going through the training in an interactive format where you could hear what challenges other CEO's were having - as well as Christine's coaching through them - was really valuable as well.

Greg Sanderson

Cofounder & CEO at Smart School Councils

As a British guy, I'm not one for strong emotions and flowery words. But this course has undoubtedly been the most useful course I've ever been on.  Christine helps with a really practical mind shift that has helped me free up time for the important stuff. It's changed how I see work. Best of all - my team love that I'm out of their way.

Becky DeGrossa

CEO at CounselingWise

I've been around the block a few times, so this isn't coming from a newb with shiny object syndrome. ;) I wish I'd had this course 10 years ago. I would have a much more successful company with much less stress. Christine just tells it like it is. I think I've been training with people that are more hype than practical advice for too many years.

Sean Ammirati

Venture Capitalist, Carnegie Mellon Professor and Author

Time is the most valuable resource we have. This course will help you figure out where you want to invest it and how to get as much leverage as possible from those investments. I thought I was pretty efficient & effective, but this course has helped take it to the next level.

Paulin Byusa

Cofounder & CEO at Avenir

Christine has the keys to running your business with less effort! She breaks it down so simply. Her frameworks were (and still!) so critical in operating my early-stage start up. Sign up, I wouldn’t think twice!

Stew Fortier

Cofounder at Foster

One of the secrets about startups is that when they fail, it's almost always because the founder ran out of energy. It's hard to change the world and nearly impossible if you're running on steam. I can't imagine a better course or a better teacher to help entrepreneurs cultivate, protect, and magnify their energy and vision.

Cheryl Kellond

EIR at Techstars, CEO at Apostrophe

I am a 2x founder and I wouldn’t even be thinking about doing it a 3rd time if it weren’t for Christine. With her guidance, I have transformed how I use my time and how I view myself.

Alexis Grant

Founder & CEO at TheyGotAcquired

I consider myself decent at systems, delegation & automation but this course wasn't for newbies. The people in my cohort ran successful companies and they wanted to take efficiency to the next level. I walked away with lots of ideas for spending my time wisely. Here's what I learned: 1) I needed to push myself to delegate tasks that feel too complex to delegate. These are the true time-savers. 2) Even though we do a good job of documenting processes, this isn't enough. Next step is leveling up on organization of processes so the team can find exactly what they need, when they need it. 3) My job as CEO is to simplify, again and again, over and over, as the business grows. The work of simplifying and systemizing is never done.

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The 20 Hour CEO

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Meet your instructor

Christine Carrillo

Entrepreneur, CEO Coach

In the last decade, I built three businesses to over $200M in revenue. I’ve experienced everything from bootstrapping a business to $25M to building a hyper-growth VC backed company to $28M ARR in under two years.

But here’s the thing… I run 3 businesses while working ~20 hours a week.

Most entrepreneurs take on more because they can, but I learned quickly that if I wanted my business to scale, I needed to scale myself. To do so, I had to shift from working in my business to working on it.

In this course, I'm sharing my decade of experience, successes and failures to help other entrepreneurs run their businesses with less effort.

I'm a Techstars NYC Founder, as well as a mentor for both Techstars and Cedar Sinai accelerators. My work has been featured in Forbes, Politico, CBS and NBC.

I've been a featured speaker at various conferences and business schools, but my favorite is being a guest speaker at Carnegie Mellon University's MBA program.

Time is your greatest resource and your biggest bottleneck.


Learn to unlock your time to scale yourself and your business.

How the CEO of a fast-growing $150M business leveraged The 20 Hour CEO course

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ūüĒ• Bonus:¬†My Playbooks, Systems & Templates

10 Playbooks & Templates You Can Steal

  • Bonus #1: Business Clarity Template

  • Bonus #2: Business Operating System Template

  • Bonus #3: EA Operating System Playbook

  • Bonus #4: Recruiting & Onboarding Playbook

  • Bonus #5: EA & Digital Ops Job Req Templates

  • Bonus #6: Decision Making Interview Questions

  • Bonus #7: Personal Contact CRM Playbook

  • Bonus #8: Sales Mini Machine Playbook

  • Bonus #9: Team Memo Template & Playbook

  • Bonus #10: Inbox Delegation System Playbook

What alumni are calling a "game changer"

Heran Getachew

CEO at Wholly

This course was a game changing experience for me as a leader. Not only does Christine teach you the mindset shifts of being an effective and efficient leader, but also the tools and systems you need to actually operationalize focusing on what matters. I can’t stop raving about these lessons and Christine’s wisdom!

Gabi Immelman

Founder at MindJoy

It was really a game-changer having practical examples from a real expert in building a company from the ground up and having the wisdom! I can't believe how much my thinking has been upgraded in such a short space of time!

Sean Ewen

Founder & CEO at Allied Medical, Wooden Hill Brewery & Commercial Real Estate Holding Company

Wow. This course transformed the way I think of what it looks like to be working on a business instead of in it. Christine provides the specific tools, examples, and frameworks that you need to break free from the overwhelming number of decisions and work you really shouldn't be doing in the first place. Don't waste years of your valuable time trying to figure out how to work smarter. Just take this course!


Lori Kewalram

CEO, BrightStar Car of Huntington Beach

I got a LOT of value from this course. The course helped me stop outside of my comfort zone to really analyze how I run my business. It helped me pinpoint areas where I need to rethink and implement new processes in order to scale my business. It also helped me to work less "in" the business and more "on" the business. I absolutely believe that this course has helped me to make some significant changes.

Ivo Kalburdzhiev

Founder & CEO at EndInsomnia

Christine is a rockstar. She provides the critical tools, mindset shifts and systems for CEOs to free up most of their workweek and only work on the stuff that matters! I had many breakthroughs throughout the course.

Thibault Catala

COO of Vertell Asset Management | Founder of CatalaConsulting | Hotel Revenue Management

Great insights from Christine. More importantly, this is not about complex theories but practical strategies and tactics you can implement today in your business and life.

Beau Wangtakuldee

Founder & CEO at Amor Sui

As a first-time female startup founder, I found myself devaluating my strength due to the lack of confidence in my own intuition. Christine provides perspectives with empathy to let me define my business the way that I envision it to be, and not how others want to see it.

Sara Bates

Cofounder & CEO at MamaMend

As a founder, you are one of your company's biggest assets. Christine can help you level up, avoid burnout, and become laser-focused. She's created brilliant frameworks that have helped her build successful companies and now you have access to them? It's a no brainer.

An intimate cohort equivalent to an executive coach and a CEO mastermind group at a fraction of the cost.

5 Live Sessions With 1:1 Coaching, Examples, and Walkthroughs

Workshop 1: Thursday, February 1

10am-12pm Pacific Time


Workshop 2: Thursday, February 8

10am-12pm Pacific Time


Workshop 3: Thursday, February 15

10am-12pm Pacific Time


Workshop 4: Thursday, February 22

10am-12pm Pacific Time


Workshop 5: Thursday, February 29

10am-12pm Pacific Time


The 20 Hour CEO

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If you're not doing the CEOs job...


Who Is?

The Team Memo that helped me grow three businesses to $200M

This simple habit helped me grow three businesses to $200M in revenue.


Here’s how it works:

Each week I send a team memo outlining exactly what we need to move the company forward, with or without me.

By reading this memo, my team knows:

  • what to work on

  • what's a priority and why

  • how to make decisions without my input

So here's a secret... my team memos take me 15 min to write.

Instead of asking for updates or looking for data, I use a Notion template that writes 75% of the memo for me.

It pulls in the important data automatically.

So I can focus on providing insights on the data.

Steal My Template at No Cost 

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